Gibbon Viper II by JPM Hot Rods

The Gibbon Viper II by JPM Hot Rods, is channeled 2" and has modified cowl corners. A rear roll pan is added and the rear frame rails are chopped. The grille shell is modified with a belly pan to smooth the nose. The design uses modified frame rails that are pinched and stretched ahead of the firewall. The front axle centerline is moved forward 5" stretching the wheelbase to 117". The pinched rails allow for smooth full hood sides that completely hide the frame rails.

The Viper II package includes: Body with same features and options as our other bodies and Viper II modifications, Special fiberglass hood top, Sheet metal side panels and Special fiberglass Grille shell with stainless teeth installed.

The Viper II is designed for the 3 and 5 window coupes but can be designed into any of the 33/34 body styles.

Body and Viper II package;
          Coupe 3 or 5 window: $9,250
          Roadster: $7,250
          Slanted back tudor sedan: $10,150

Add a boxed frame with modified front rails, tubular X-member, motor, transmission, and brake pedal mounts: Add $3,800

Make it a rolling chassis with drop tube front suspension, triangulated 4-link coil over rear 9", front and rear disc brakes with master cylinder plumbed: Add $10,300

The Viper II is also available in the UNI-Body design.

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