Benifits of the UNI-Body

The Gibbon by JPM Hot Rods UNI-Body benifits and features

Rigid structure

With the solid foundation of the UNI-Body structure body flex is eliminated. This equates to maintained fit and finish on body panels, no more cracked or chipped paint at seams or stress areas. It also means proper door and deck lid operation.
With a race car type structure the UNI-Body will increase the handling capabilities well above a framed car’s abilities.

With a full roll cage the UNI-Body provides substantial protection in the unfortunate event of an accident compared to a body on a frame, whether its fiberglass or steel.
Due to the steel floor and the roll cage proper anchor points are provided for seats and safety belts, including shoulder harness belts.

A UNI-Body is very similar in costs to purchasing a body on a frame, so you can get the added benefit with the same budget.
Build time will be reduced by having a steel structure to weld anchor points and for grounding the wiring.
When fully finishing the underside, paint costs will be reduced without a full frame structure to prep and finish.

Other Benefits
The UNI-Body design provides more headroom than a framed car without a chop.
The removable front subframe can be powder coated by more shops than a full frame.
Without crossmembers and having the fuel and brake lines mostly hidden the belly of the UNI-Body provides the smoothest finish possible.

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